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"Aimbon is a technological innovation enterprise focusing on indoor air health. With 26 years of product R&D and manufacturing technology accumulation and more than 200 patented technologies, Aimbon has redefined air purifiers: simulating the principles of nature, wind, rain, thunder, and lightning phenomena to purify the environment, and successfully developed a series of air purifiers with the full effect of purification + sterilization + moisturizing + removing harmful gases and outstanding advantages such as ultra-quiet, ultra-energy-saving, and intelligent.Whether at home, in the office, or in hotels and cinemas, users can always breathe healthy air at any time after rain .

Aimbon has become a preferred partner of the world's top 500 companies with its open and friendly CDM co-operation(collaborative design & manufacturing),  and its high-quality guarantee of more than 1 million units with zero defect every year has won long-term co-operation and Widely recognised from customers.

Aimbon has always insisted on the mission of "sharing, co-creation and co-progress", and is committed to promoting the development of the entire air purification field .More people can breathe the fresh air after the rain."




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